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Rules Governing Participation in The Academy Program


Academic:    Every player is expected to be as committed to their academic responsibilities as they are to their training and development as a player

Commitment:    The Academy’s expectation is that a player’s priorities should be aligned according to the following hierarchy:  1) Family, 2) Academics, and 3) Baseball / Softball.   Players should also understand that an excused absences is the only justification for missing a practice or a game, and coaches should be given as much notice as possible (preferably at least 24 hours) in advance of any absence.  

Respect:    Academy players are expected to respect not only their coaches and their teammates, but also their opponents, umpires, tournament officials & site coordinators, and fans.

Punctuality:    Games, practices, scrimmages and team meetings will start promptly at the designated time.

Playing Time:   Coaches will have complete discretion on playing time, and will factor in the following: a) adherence to team rules, b) effort & attitude, c) players’ strengths & weaknesses, and d) attendance and commitment to improving during practices, etc.

Dress Code & Decorum:    Players must be aware that they represent themselves, their team & The Academy Baseball / Softball organization whenever they put their Academy uniform on.  As a result, it is expected that uniforms should be worn the proper way at all times, and players should conduct themselves accordingly whenever they are attending any team or organizational event.


Policy towards participation in other sports or outside activities

The Academy encourages young athletes to participate in other sports or outside activities – as a program we strive to recruit and develop well-rounded players who work hard to develop their overall athleticism.  The winter training program has been designed in part to accommodate “outside” pursuits, particularly during the “off-season” (i.e. the “Individual Skills Training” period from October through December).  However, during the “pre-season” workout period (January through March) players are expected to commit to attending as many of the team workouts as possibleMost importantly, every player is expected to make The Academy their first priority “in season” (i.e. during the outdoor spring and summer seasons).  Participation in a second sport or outside activity when The Academy is “in season” is acceptable, but it is expected that Academy practices and games take priority during the “regular season”. 

Membership to the Route 1 SportsPlex

Participation in The Academy Baseball and Softball programs includes a Membership to the Route1 SportsPlex facility.  Academy membership includes two free tunnel rentals each week (or 60 minutes total, based on availability) as well as 15% discount on any clinics or programs offered by the Route1 SportsPlex.