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The Academy Baseball and Softball


The Academy’s Mission Statement:

The Academy Baseball & Softball Organization is dedicated to the comprehensive development of young athletes who are passionate about improving their skills.  The Academy’s program includes an extensive training regimen designed to dramatically improve the physical skills needed to succeed on the baseball or softball field.  In addition, The Academy is equally committed to developing the critical mental skills that more often than not determine success (both individual as well as team) during any athletic competition.  Most importantly, the paramount objective for The Academy is to utilize the sport of baseball or softball as a vehicle to develop young players as superior leaders and role models in their respective communities.


The long-term success of The Academy Baseball & Softball Organization will be entirely dependent on recruiting and retaining the highest quality coaches and instructors in the area.   The coaches and instructors selected to participate in this program have all played the game at the highest levels (either at the professional or collegiate level), and more importantly they have all demonstrated an ability to teach the game at the highest levels as well.  When selecting coaches and instructors for The Academy, the one prerequisite is that he/she must possess a deep love for the game as well as a tremendous passion for teaching and inspiring young men and women to play the game the right way.

The Coaching & Instructional staff for The Academy will be responsible for modeling the behavior that is expected of every participant in the program.  Specifically, every coach is expected to consistently demonstrate the following behavior:


• Reinforce that the TEAM always comes before any consideration of ME
• Treat all players, opponents, umpires & families with respect & dignity
• Commit to instilling a fundamental understanding of the game, and insure that this understanding is executed during practices and games
• Always compete at the highest level possible while never compromising any of the above commitments

This does NOT necessarily mean that every player will play equal innings or always play their “preferred” positions.  Consistent with the TEAM before ME approach, it is the duty and responsibility of each coach to seek the optimal combinations of players on the field, while also fulfilling his/her obligation to develop every player on their team’s roster.