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Advertising & Partnerships


Over the course of the next several months, Route1 SportsPlex is estimating over 150,000 people walking through our doors. That is 300,000 eyeballs! This will come from: 

  • Indoor Softball Leagues
    • ​50 Teams (Over 36 Towns & Organizations) 
  • ​Indoor Baseball Leagues
    • ​20 Team ( 20 Neighboring Towns) 
  • Special Events 
    • ​College Showcases 
    • Fundraisers & Charity Events 
  • ​​Variety of Professional Clinics
    • ​MLB Pro Scout Clinics with MLB Players 
  • ​Academy AAU Softball & Baseball Programs 
    • ​18 Teams consisting of players from 38 different towns 
  • Over 500 Facility Member 
    • For a monthly fee, members are granted access to our fields & cages to train. 
  • Birthday Parties 
    • Birthday parties can have over 25 children. Also, these birthday parties consist of 45 minute games on our turf fields. 


Types of Sponsorship

Facility Sponsorship Acadamey Sponsorship
Tunnel Sponsorship Scholarship Program
Turf Field Sponsorship Tutoring Center

Each sponsorship will last one year, if you would like to sponsor multiple programs please contact us & we can work out a deal


Facility Sponsorship: 

  • Tunnel Sponsorship 
    • We will name one of our 10 tunnels in our facility that is used constantly during the fall & winter months in your name! (“You will be hitting in the “ABC Company“ Tunnel today). This sponsorship will come with a banner hung on the tunnel.
  • Turf Field Sponsorship 
    • For a field sponsorship you will receive a 10ft by 3ft banner that will be hung on our fields for everyone to see! 

​​Academy Sponsorship:

  • Scholarship Program 
    • This helps pay tuition for inner-city youth that do not have the necessary means to afford playing AAU sports. We will hang 4ft by 3ft banner on the walls of our turf fields.
  • Tutoring Center 
    • We are actively pursuing a tutoring center for our Academy athletes. These athletes will be able to tutored for upcoming exams such as SAT, ACT, PSAT along with other high school admissions test.