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Academy Baseball Raffle Winners!

Here are the winners for The Academy Baseball ticket raffle:

- Jan 1st:  Marge Ellis ($50 Burtons Grill Gift Certificate)

- Jan 2nd:  Lesley Faye ($25 Dunkin Donuts Gift Certificate)

- Jan 3rd:  Ron Van Pelham (2 Tickets to Boston Bruins)

- Jan 4th:  Delores McCabe ($50 Maggie's Farm Gift Certificate)

- Jan 5th:  Lynne Sweet ($50 Amazon Gift Certificate)

- Jan 6th:  Elizabeth Bowen ($100 Visa Gift Card)

- Jan 7th:  Christine Macchi ($25 Starbucks Gift Certificate)

- Jan 8th:  Nancy Ferraro ($50 Dick's Gift Certificate)

- Jan 9th:  Shauna Favolora ($50 Target Gift Certificate)

- Jan 10th:  Justine Carmody ($25 Starbucks Gift Certificate)

- Jan 11th:  Carolyn Purcell ($25 Dunkin Donuts Gift Certificate) 

- Jan 12th:  Hannah Haller ($50 Burton's Gift Certificate)

- Jan 13th:  Rosario Melina ($50 Target Gift Certificate)

- Jan 14th:  Dan Dorman ($25 Dunkin Donuts Gift Certificate)

- Jan. 15th:  Barbara Stevens ($50 Amazon Gift Certificate)

- Jan. 16th:  Allen Moe (2 Tickets to Red Sox Game)

- Jan. 17th:  Amy Mitchell ($25 Starbucks Gift Certificate)

- Jan. 18th:  Jason Newhall ($100 Visa Gift Card)

- Jan 19th: Deb Faragi-Sweet ($50 Amazon Gift Certificate)

- Jan 20th:  Paul Buchannon (2 Tickets to Celtics Game)

- Jan 21st:  Susan O'Leary ($50 Maggie's Farm Gift Certificate)

- Jan 22nd:  Barbara Levine ($100 Visa Gift Card)

- Jan 23rd:  Karen Dirubio ($25 Starbucks Gift Card)

- Jan 24th:  Derek McCall ($50 Texas Roadhouse Gift Certificate)

- Jan 25th:  Sue Ellen Ramon ($50 Dick's Gift Certificate)

- Jan 26th:  Roland Brule ($25 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card)

- Jan 27th:  Joanna Belmonte ($25 Starbucks Gift Card)

- Jan 28th:  Rich Schindelman ($50 Target Gift Card)

- Jan 29th:  Stephen Sugerman ($25 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card)

- Jan 30th:  Maggie Bolen ($50 Toscana's Gift Certificate)

- Jan 31st:  Timothy Olivier (2 Red Sox Tickets)


Academy Looking for Players

The Academy program is still looking for 9U and 14U players.  

If you interested in a private tryout please email us at or call 978-777-2888.


    The Rt. 1 SportsPlex provides athletes the opportunity to grow and develop their skill set through first class programs and amenities including...

    • 20,000 square feet of sports turf
    • 11 Hitting / Pitching Tunnels
    • On-Site Fitness Facility
    • Baseball / Softball training
    • Video Analysis
    • Soccer 
    • Lacrosse
    • Field Hockey
    • Indoor Baseball & Softball leagues
    • Snack Bar
    • Function Room 
    • Professional staff

    Contact Info


    Phone: (978)777-2888


    R1SportsPlex Route1SportsPlex R1SportsPlex
    The Academy Baseball & Softball Organization

    Academy Baseball & Softball

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